About Pickleball500

Have you recently became a fan of the game of pickleball, been visiting the internet to find out all you can before getting on to the court and wondering how the pickleball5000.com came to existence? Do you want to know the story of the three young American men who fell in love with the game, got acquainted to it for years, and eventually decided to provide the best information about and around the game of pickleball through this website? 

We are Donny, Chris and Bernard and we are here to tell you our story. We are three American men who became highly obsessed with the game of pickleball, fell in love with the game and decided to spread the nits and bits about our favorite sport through blogging.

The three of us have been friends from early childhood, sharing interests in sports, both indoor and outdoor. Over the years, we got involved in playing several sports, some of which turned out to be racket games. After years of playing the different racket sports, we fell in love with pickleball.

Practice makes it perfect and initially, Donny struggled to catch the strict rules of the game of pickleball, all the rules associated with serve, non- volley zones and scoring. However, after a few games and assistance from us, his friends, Chris and Bernard, he soon started to get motivated to chase the sport until he becomes skilled. 

The idea came to me, Chris, during my regular research on Pickleball, whereby I was having to conduct too many Google searches, visit several different websites to get the info that I was looking for. How would it be if everything could be found in one place? How less frustrating would it be to just have to browse from one tab in the menu to another in the same side than having to look in thousand different places? That is when I proposed the idea of making the pickleball5000.com- the hub about pickleball and its associated details.

We decided to allocate a good enough of time to get all the latest updates, interviewed professionals, learnt from all around and gather all the details we could about the game to put into this site. Slowly, we started to start blogging about the game and with increased demand, this soon turned into a rich hub with all that you want to know.

Pickleball has been gaining fast popularity and is often referred to as one of the fastest growing sports in the United States of America. The three boys noticed that a lot of questions came up in their minds and from their friends and family, with regards to the game. Be it as beginners, or during their journey of mastering the game, we, the boys, faced struggles making up their minds about dozens of basic questions, topics and queries about the game of pickleball. 

Today, the three of us play the game of pickleball on a professional level, though we each have a personal life where we find time to blog about all you need to know about the game. Whether you are curious about this game which has sort of a funny name or you are very experienced player looking for more advanced tips or gear reviews about this game, we have got your back.

What is better than compiling all the topics, frequently asked questions and every little detail you must know about pickleball paddles? That is exactly what the three of us have done to assist you in the process of getting on the court and swinging the perfect paddle in the perfect way.

If you are hearing about pickleball for the first time and have been involved in paddle tennis before, you may want to check out the review in the pickleball5000.com titled ‘Pickleball vs. Paddle Tennis: What is the difference?’ Are you rather new to the game and want to know how to choose your paddle for the pickleball, then you should take a good look at the review titled, ‘How to choose your pickleball paddle?’

We have been trying the different tactics and techniques of mastering the sport and after years of practice and research, we have come to writing down all that we know, and all that is useful for you to consider before you get involved in the game.

Are you not sure where to get your pickleball paddle from? Did you hear about the best brands in the world of pickleball paddles and are you interested to compare between the models of the Onix brand, which is one of the leading players in pickleball gears? You can find reviews titles ‘where to get the best pickleball paddles’ and ‘Onix pickleball paddles reviews’.

Are you not sure what drills for the game of pickleball suit you the best and how you can improve your game using the right tactics and techniques? Do not worry. The website of pickleball5000.com also consists of the Pickleball drill review, besides a sound overview of the Pickleball rules to follow. 

If you did not know yet, the Pickleball tournaments are also a thing. Are you wondering how to qualify for the game? Well, before that, you need to make sure you pickleball paddle is legal enough for the tournament. This means, your paddle must meet the standards set by the USAPA in the United States. Only after meeting the guidelines, you can take your paddle to the ground without the issue of a penalty. These rules are also available in the reviews in the site. Handy, isn’t it?

We, Donny, Chris and Bernard keeps training ourselves to master the game even further, trying to find out and take more questions from the common public, friends and family in relation to the game and making it all visible in one place- the pickleball5000.com. The journey of we three men started as a hobby to engage in a paddle sport during leisure and culminated into a passion that we want the world to know.