Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

Paddle tennis is a game that’s heavily dependent on the equipment that you’re using. Unless you have quality equipment, you’re bound to fail, despite having great skill and experience. This is why it’s important to get the right equipment for yourself. Today, we’ll share our top picks for the best paddle tennis rackets that you can find today. We’ll also discuss how you can get the best paddle tennis rackets for yourself. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Buying Guide

Choosing the right paddle tennis racket for yourself can be pretty tough, and this is where we come in. In this section, we’ll discuss the key factors that you have to consider for getting the best paddle tennis rackets for yourself. Make sure you follow this, and you’ll be able to get the right product for yourself. 


A good grip is very necessary for paddle tennis. As this is a tiresome game, you’ll sweat a lot. Then again, some people naturally sweat more than others. The best of these rackets is built to provide amazing grip despite a lot of sweat. 

This is why we highly recommend getting a racket that provides a superb grip. 


Flexibility is one of the core factors that you should be looking for when you get a quality paddle tennis racket for yourself. Often you’ll find yourself playing an extremely off-angle shot, and these are the times when you’ll require a flexible tennis racket. This is why we recommend focusing on flexibility while getting a new paddle tennis racket. 


You don’t want a racket that’ll get broken within a few days of playing. These don’t come dirt cheap, so we highly recommend getting a product that will last a decent amount of time. You need to consider the build quality of the racket, and a racket from a renowned company offers a quality build. 


The weight of the racket can directly impact your gameplay. Getting a heavy racket will slow you down a lot, and you shouldn’t get one of these. Instead, try light rackets that you’ll be able to move swiftly.

These rackets will help you play powerful strokes without having to waste a lot of effort. With these, you’ll be able to retain your stamina for a long time and play the entire match with the same level of energy. 

Paddle Thickness

The thickness of the paddle controls the amount of bounce you’ll see with each stroke. It’s important to have the right amount of thickness, as too much or too little can end up worsening the experience for you.

Price Range

Lastly, before you fix your mind on a specific racket, make sure that it’s within your budget if you’re on a tight range. Moreover, don’t go for a racket that’s not worth the price.

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets in 2021

Now that you know what to look for, take a look at our top 10 picks for the best paddle tennis rackets. We assure you that you’ll find your desired racket in one of the mentioned rackets.


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Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

GRANDCOW Carbon Fiber Power Lite

Carbon fiber build

Great Durability

EVA foam core

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

GRANDCOW Tennis Paddle Racket

Made of carbon fiber

EVA memory core

Lightweight and durable


Adidas Padel Racket

Good structure

High EVA density

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

Adidas Padel Racket

Great design


Spin blade

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

Wilson Slash Lite Padel

Quality build

Compelling Design

Sharp Hole Technology

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets


Comfortable to grip

Fiberglass silver

Round and ergonomic shape

nordic slice


Support for paddle

Protective zip bag

Soft EVA core


Adidas Padel Racket

Aluminized fiberglass

High EVO memory foam

Good Structure

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

Optima ELITE Carbon Platform Padel Beach Paddle Tennis Racquet


Compact Design

Carbon fiber coated

black crown

PITON Paddle Racket

Attractive design

Good structure

Built for powerful swings

1. GRANDCOW Carbon Fiber Power Lite

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

If you’re looking for lightweight paddle rackets, then you better consider this one from Grandcow. These paddles are made of carbon fiber, and this makes them quite lightweight. Then again, you’ll also get quite a lot of durability from these, despite them being light. 

These rackets come with paddles thick with EVA foam core. These paddles are capable of providing a strong punch and a lofty bounce. You’ll be able to play different styles of shots with these paddles. Plus, they also offer a great grip that’ll allow you to hold onto them even with a lot of sweat on your hands. 

The grip also feels quite comfortable, so you’ll have a pleasant time playing with these. These are some of the best paddle tennis rackets out there, and we highly recommend these.


  • Carbon fiber build
  • Great Durability
  • EVA foam core
  • Comfortable


  • Has Flexibility Issues
  • Not meant for beginners

2. GRANDCOW Paddle Racket

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

This model from Grandcow is one of the best rackets for beginners out there. The Elite 500 is a racket that’s made of top-quality materials. Like the previous one, these too are made of carbon fiber. The build quality makes these extremely light and durable. Plus, these offer significant power as well. 

These also offer the EVA memory core that made the previous one amazing. The quality traction and accuracy on this paddle racket will help beginners grow and nurture their skills.

However, the only drawback with these rackets is the grip. We expected a more superior grip from them, but they failed to deliver that. If the grip is your primary concern, then these shouldn’t be your first choice. If not, then you should certainly go for these. 


  • EVA memory core
  • Good for traction, ball control, and accuracy
  • Great for beginners


  • Bad Grip
  • The paddle could’ve been thicker

3. Adidas Adipower


The Adipower from Adidas is an unique racket for its strong exoskeleton. The structure of the exoskeleton has carbon fiber in it which makes it strong but lightweight.

The frame is taped with 3M protective tape which saves the racket from scratches and impacts. It increases durability and makes the racket long-lasting. The racket is made from best quality materials and perfect for advanced level players.


  • Built to allow powerful strokes
  • EVA density high memory holes
  • Carbon fiber layer on the outside
  • Affordable


  • Not good for beginners

4. Adidas CTRL 1.7

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

This racket from Adidas offers tremendous control for the players. It gives the players faster and flexible movements with the best comfort while the shape of this racquet enhances the wide swings and power shots.

It also offers high resistance, thanks to the carbon aluminized and crosses carbon multi-size materials. The exoskeleton renders additional protection for the shaft and is quite stiff.


  • Comfortable
  • Spin blade renders and enhances strikes
  • Good for advanced players


  • Bad for beginners

5. Wilson Slash Lite Padel

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

The Wilson Slash Lite Paddle comes with an attractive design and strong build quality. It helps the player to maintain a balance between power and control. It’s a perfect racket for players who have just started playing.

The racket has a foam to help with quick response, and it also comes with a padel guard. The guard is taped with aerodynamic and transparent tape that makes the structure more durable. The wrist strap makes the paddle safe to use for the players.


  • Sharp Hole Technology
  • Good for beginners
  • Good for small hands


  • Not for people with big palms
  • A bit heavier than most other rackets

6. NOX ML10

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

The ML10 Pro cup features a round head shape with carbon frame technology that makes it one of the most durable and lightest rackets out there. Plus, the Fiberglass Silver takes it to a whole new level.

This is not for beginners, and they cost quite a bit too. However, you won’t regret purchasing this racket as it will provide all the advanced features that you can ask for from a high-end racket. This is why we highly recommend getting these rackets.


  • Well-structured
  • Fiberglass silver
  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • For Advance players


  • Expensive


nordic slice

If you’re looking for a racket that will allow you to play quality strokes, then this one from Nordic Slice is what you should get. This racket comes with an 18k carbon build. This is the most complex form of carbon that you can find out there, and this is why we highly recommend this.

Then again, you’ll get advanced features such as a support for a paddle, wristlock, and more. These paddle rackets do cost a lot. However, that doesn’t make them any worse. You’ll get exactly what you’re paying for with these. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a professional paddle tennis racket, the Nordic Slice should be one of your top considerations.


  • Paddle support
  • The carbon fiber of 18k composition
  • Wristlock


  • Quite heavy
  • Rigid in shape so less flexibility

8. Adidas Supernova


The Supernova from Adidas is one of the best carbon-fiber rackets out there. It also features EVA memory foam and fiberglass construction, making them even better. The paddle is perfectly balanced and made from the best materials. 

The Supernova is designed for players with unstoppable power with perfect balance and precision. It’s a suitable choice for players looking for comfort in their hands.


  • Aluminized fiberglass
  • EVA memory foam
  • Good Structure
  • Balanced build


  • Very heavy in weight
  • The safety cords don’t help with the adjustment 

9. Optima ELITE Carbon

Best Paddle Tennis Rackets

The Optima ELITE produces great products, and they come in at a decent price range too. If you’re looking for beginner rackets, you should consider these rackets from Optima.  

It has an EVA foam core. This will offer you consistent power all across the face of the racket. Plus, the exoskeleton is coated with carbon fiber, and this makes it quite sturdy. However, as the inner core of this racket is still made of regular materials, there’s a significant weight to these. 

Despite being a great choice, we would not recommend these products to advanced players. The features that you’ll get from these will help you in casual matches, but you might not be able to get the upper hand when it comes to professional matches. 


  • Compact Design
  • EVA foam core
  • Carbon fiber coated


  • Might not aid advanced players

10. PITON Professional

black crown

This racket from PITON is designed with a round head thus being also playable for beginners. It’s really lightweight and comes with a structure that has 3 layers for durability.

The PITON is an overall balanced paddle racket that can work for both advance, intermediate, and beginners alike. But it’s best suited for intermediate players.


  • Attractive design
  • Good structure
  • Good grip
  • Built for powerful swings


  • Bit expensive
  • Not overly recommended for beginners


Finding the perfect paddle racket can be hard, but if you have taken a look at our best paddle tennis rackets, you’ll have a good idea of what to look for and what quality products look like. So, go out there and start your paddle tennis career with the best options out here. Hope this article was helpful to you!

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