Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

Pickleball is a fairly popular sport in the west, particularly in USA, that combines aspects of other paddleball games like tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Pickleball has been on the rise recently, especially in the United States. It has been growing in popularity very fast and many outlets are available worldwide now dedicated to gear for this sport.

Today, we will be talking about the easiest way to carry around Pickleball gear - Pickleball Bags!

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Pickleball Bags: An Essential Gear for the Game

The popularity of Pickleball has made companies invest more and more into creating gear for the purpose of the sport. There is a wide variety of equipment available regarding the sport. Beyond just the net, paddle, and ball, there are products like water containers and clothing lines dedicated to this sport and its community.

And likewise, where would you keep all your equipment on a game day? It is surely a big hassle to carry them around at all times manually. And that is why there exist pickleball bags.

Pickleball bags are designed for carrying balls, nets, and paddles that are used in the sport. They are usually made sturdily, to endure situations of heat, rain, and cold. This is because they are designed in a way where they can be carried around like any ordinary bag without the hassles of paddles or nets sticking out of them.

There are many different types of Pickleball Bags designed according to preferences. Each type of bag will be considered differently by a player. So it is important to take some factors into consideration if you want to buy a Pickleball Bag. Let us talk about those factors.

Buying Guide

The first thing to remember is the necessity of a Pickleball Bag for you. How much equipment are you carrying? Do you have enough equipment to require a bag for? Do you play Pickleball often? These bags contain large compartments and it should be kept in mind that they are large in stature, for bags.

These are just some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying a Pickleball Bag. When looking for a Pickleball Bag, you will need to first keep in mind - the capacity. How much space are you going to need in your time with the bag?

The next thing to consider is durability. It is important to note that Pickleball Bags are usually very durable. But there are levels to this like everything else. Some Pickleball Bags are durable enough to last you a lifetime in the city. Others can last you a whole life while traveling and suffering from luggage exhaustion.

Lastly, needless to say, appearance matters. You would not want to own a bag that makes you feel left out from your Pickleball community. You want something that matches the standard, but probably also while not taking a huge blow on your wallet.

Top 10 Pickleball Bags


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Top 10 Pickleball Bags

Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack

Five zippered storage areas to keep equipment secure

Contains mesh panels to keep the wearer cool

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

Large capacity - can hold up to 6 paddles, X-40 performance pickleball, and related accessories

Extra-large pockets

Back support is valid with an adjustable shoulder strap that eases the pressure for the back

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

Game on Sling Pickleball Bag

Compact and stylish

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

An array of pockets are made available for storing your cell phone, earphones, keys, wallet, etc.

Your pickleball paddles are kept safe and secured while in transit or during travelling, or inside the luggage compartment.

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

Franklin Sports Deluxe Pickleball Backpack

External storage for 1 paddle and 1 water bottle

A built-in fence hook for quick storage on the court

Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag

Holds down 2-4 paddles and about a dozen balls

Adjustable shoulder strap

Simple and lightweight

Pickleball Marketplace Urban Sport Sling

An mp3 earphone port in a special pocket for inserting earphone jack

Diagonal dual zippered opening to help the main compartment

HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack

Can hold up to two rackets or paddles

Lots of interior storage space

Comfortable fit

1. Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack - Top 10 Pickleball Bags

Top 10 Pickleball Bags

The Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack is a complete package. It has everything that you may need to go out to the Pickleball court and perform your best. Paddles, water bottles, balls, nets and clothing are just naming some of the things it can carry.

A total of five large compartments exist in the bag, all of which are zippered. They ensure that your gear will stay safe and secure during travel. It is designed to keep you cool and comfortable with mesh panels at both the front and back.


  • Five zippered storage areas to keep equipment safe and secure
  • Contains mesh panels to keep the wearer cool and let their back breathe
  • Positively reviewed on and other commercial websites
  • The manufacturers from Onix are reputed for having good customer service, quick to get back to the customer if contacted.


  • Customers have been found to have said that the bag is too generic and not unique enough. There are not enough features to justify the price.

2. Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag - Top 10 Pickleball Bags

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

If you need a Pickleball Bag, the Franklin Sports is one beyond the ordinary that you can get. With the features that it has present, it will give you all the motivation and confidence you need for your next game. It keeps everything safe inside and protects from any unwanted attention.

The straps in the pickleball bag are very adjustable and it will provide your back with additional support, and the shoulders too. There are large ball pouches and a zipper with weather resistance that makes it easy for all your gear to stay safe and secure at all times.

There is an array of options to choose from in terms of the colors. There is gray/pink, black/gray and pink. The bags are stylish enough to fill you up with confidence and let you have an amazing time at the pickleball courtyard. It is made of polyester.


  • Large, spacious pockets that are weather-resistant
  • Over 1900 positive reviews granting a 4.7 star on Amazon
  • Bestseller on Amazon
  • Extremely durable and weatherproof


  • The shoulder strap is said to have been problematic

3. Game on Sling Pickleball Bag - Top 10 Pickleball Bags

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

 The Game On Sling bag is the best way to move around with all your pickleball gears, such as paddles and balls, safely inside it. The bag holds a significant number of balls and at least two paddles quite comfortably.

There exists a small pocket on the front that is perfectly sized to keep your cell phone, keys, or small snacks inside. The colors that you can choose this from are blue, green and pink. It is manufactured by Pickleball Central and has a dimension of 20 x 15.98 x 4.02.


  • The Game On Sling Pickerball Bag is simple, portable, and lightweight
  • Top loop
  • It is easy to carry around
  • It has all the room needed for your pickleball accessories
  • There are two zipped compartments
  • An adjustable padded shoulder strap


  • The bag is said to be relatively less durable according to some customers

4. Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

Look no further if you’re willing to buy a Pickleball Bag! The Amazing Aces has got you covered on all grounds. This is specifically made for pickleball players, has a high-quality design and premium materials.

New and improved with reinforced straps and reinforced mesh pockets for pickleball. This bag is engineered to satisfy pickle ballers. How do we know this? Because it is made by pickle ballers. That is right! It is made by pickle ballers for pickle ballers!


  • Premium quality
  • Premium quality fabric
  • Further convenience of storing phone, keys, wallet, etc.
  • Portable, but still large enough for all your necessities.
  • Large storage
  • Portable but large
  • Very positively reviewed on Amazon, 4.5 stars from 159 ratings


  • The strap is said to have been problematic for some customers

5. Franklin Sports Deluxe Pickleball Backpack

Best Pickleball Bags in 2021

The Franklin Sports Competition Pickleball Backpack can let you store everything you’ll need for your next pickleball game! The bag has enough space for all your gear and accessories. The fence hook is quite useful for using it as storage.

For storing your sunglasses, keys, cell phone, and other accessories, the pockets are quite effective as they are soft-lined. The shoulder straps feature high-quality padding. The backpack has dimensions of 20.5 x 15 x 2 inches and weighs about 1.8 lbs. It has been made available since May 9, 2018.


  • Has a very spacious interior where you can keep all your pickleball goodies and accessories
  • Can contain paddles, balls, shoes, clothes, a 20-ounce water bottle, phone, and other accessories.
  • It is made for daily usage
  • It’s durable, waterproof and is from PVC construction.


  • The fence hook is reported to be inconvenient as a feature by a lot of customers

6. Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag

This duffle bag is not like the other products on this list. First of all, it does not ship with a shoulder strap to carry it on your back with. But, then why is it such a success?

Well, the main attraction is in the simplistic, lightweight, durable design of the bag. There is enough space on the inside for the bag to be able to hold 2-4 pickleball padded and at least a dozen balls.

So if you’re a Pickleballer looking for a Pickleball Bag, grab this today and look no further! It also contains an outside slip pocket for it to be able to carry any other accessories and such for you. The bag is available in three different colorings. Namely, blue, red and green. The dimensions are 18 inches x 10.5 inches x 9 inches.


  • Can contain at least one dozen balls
  • Can contain 2-4 paddles for your pickleball adventures
  • Has an outside pocket slip
  • Available in different colors
  • Available in different color combinations
  • The material is well made and durable
  • The size is perfect for any Pickleball player


  • Some customers have noted that the outside zipper slip is useless.
  • It is not big enough for other accessories that you may want to add to the bag.

7. Pickleball Marketplace Urban Sport Sling

If you are looking to carry more in your pickleball bag than just your pickleball equipment, this is the bag to look out for! This Urban Sport Backpack has got you covered with its great design, and its professionally crafted interior. It has a large amount of space inside to hold all the personal items you may want to carry with your pickleball gear in one trip.

The bag is made of 600 denier polyester with PVC backing. A 9mm port is laced inside one of the pockets, where a headphone device can be connected. And on the inside there will be another connecting wire, with a device such as a cell phone which will supply the audio for the user. The pocket is zippered. The zipper to the main compartment is diagonal dual. A zippered accessory holder on fabric back strap is given.


  • Large amount of space on the interior for all your equipment and gear, both pickleball and non-pickleball.
  • Made of denier polyester with PVC backing.
  • Diagonal dual zippered opening to main compartment and front pocket.
  • Rated very high for its style
  • Has a very simplistic design while being able to hold all your necessities


  • The interior is not positively recommended by some users.

8. HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack

If you are thinking of having a go at a game of pickleball or racquetball, this is the one for you. The Racquetball & Pickleball Elite Backpack by HEAD is an amazing creation to add to your collection. Everything you may think you need when going to the playing grounds is covered here. Your paddles, balls, racquets, nets and so on.

A shoe compartment exists on one of the sides for your footwear if you choose to carry spares. This is not commonly found because they are not seemingly useful, but a lot of pickleball players may disagree with that. There exists a zipper pocket at the front for accessing smaller items. A glove compartment is present to dry off gloves that may have been drenched in rain or sweat.

The measurement of the bag’s interior is 30 inches x 18 inches x 48 inches. The paddle compartment has padding inside it which can contain a minimum of 2 paddles. There are a lot of other enthusiastic details that may seem insignificant at first, but are quite decent in context of the bag. The bag is reportedly smooth enough on the outside to be comfortable fitting.


  • Being a product of HEAD, this is a definite gear for athletes who participate in Pickleball or Racquetball
  • Can hold up to two paddles
  • Lots of storage space on the inside
  • Comfortable to fit
  • The design is very appealing.
  • Sits at a review of 4.5 stars from 119 ratings.


  • The handle of paddles sticks out from the top

Bonus Tips

In addition to all the information that has been shared, we would like to say that there are some other things to look out for. Consider looking at the user review when buying a Pickleball Bag online, it may make or break it for you and your preferences. If you are buying a bag for someone else, try getting to know exactly what kind of bag they would like before you decide on their behalf. These things can be very different from person to person.


Among all the essential pickleball gears, pickleball bags are something that you can’t ignore at all. Choose the best one based on your required features from our list.

All in all, we hope we have been able to help you to pick a Pickleball Bag in 2021. Consider going to the links that have been provided with each of the bags in case you want to make a purchase. Thank you for your time, and happy pickleballing!