How Good Are Champion Pickleball Paddles?

Did you know that Pickleball is a 150-year old sport? However, compared to football, basketball, handball, and others, it is relatively new, and is one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports in America. If you are looking for Champion Pickleball paddles,, do not worry! Read our article on,"How Good Are Champion Pickleball Paddles?"

In the last 10 years, pickleball has attracted and intrigued a lot of enthusiastic Americans. According to USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), there has been a 650 percent rise among local pickleball players within the last 5 years.

Starting from children to teenagers, even elders are very interested in this sport.  To play pickleball players need an excellent pickleball paddle.

The quality, core and outer material, weight, and length of the pickleball paddle are very important in determining the success of a match.

Champion Pickleball paddles are one of the finest paddles in the market. They come in different types, colors, and qualities. These paddles are made of Graphite which makes them unique from other paddles.

In this article, we have discussed all about how good Champion pickleball paddles are, their features, and reviewed the top champion paddles.

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The Beginning of Champion Pickleball Paddles

Did you know that Champion Pickleball paddles were one of the first paddles ever created? And that too by the founder of the pickleball game themselves!

At first, the founder of pickleball decided to build a paddle that would cause little or no sound when it hits the ball. They kept on modifying it several times and that has led to the option of several different kinds of champion pickleball paddle that differ in terms of grip size, weight, and size.

So, every time you are purchasing a Champion pickleball paddle, you are getting yourself one of the oldest and best pickleball paddles.

Categories of Champion Pickleball Paddle

There are 5 series of champion pickleball paddles. Each of the series is very popular and is highly praised for its ability to enhance each player’s performance.   

  • Champion Graphite Elite 

Among the Champion Graphite paddle series, ‘Elite’ is the most lightweight paddle, has one of the best comfortable gripping styles, with great maneuverability.

If you are a new player trying pickleball for the first time, you should try it out. This lightweight paddle is the one you should practice with to get better. Even though it is light, it is not less in terms of power hits.

Champion Graphite Elite pickleball paddle is designed with a hampered shape and provides players with a balanced feeling. 

It helps players gain control of the ball and its direction of hits. Graphite Elite also enables surprisingly good precision while hitting back. If you are practicing for a tournament or just having a regular recreational game, Champion Graphite Elite paddle is perfect for all occasions.

Moreover, it is a mid-weight paddle, weighing about 7.1 to 7.7 ounces. Like most other paddles it is manufactured and designed in the USA 

  • Champion XL Graphite

Champion XL Graphite is by far the largest pickleball paddle ever designed. It is 16.58-inches long and weighs about 7.9 ounces. Despite its large size, its grip size is the same, 4.14-inches compared to the other paddles in the champion graphite series.

If you are tall, have wide hands or naturally prefer long pickleball paddles Champion graphite XL pickleball paddle is the one for you. The paddle’s extra-large wide surface area allows players to stretch freely while hitting back.

It enables players to swing back and hit tricky complicated shots properly. The Graphite XL prevents players from compromising on pop or on touch.

  • Champion Graphite X

Graphite X Champion paddle contains Polypropylene as the core material. It has a wide surface area, has medium weight, and an outer body that is traditionally and cleverly well-built. It weighs a bit more than Graphite Elite, about 7.9 - 8.0 ounces. This is one of the few paddles that have a large ball hitting surfaces. 

If you are a pickleball player, you would know that most paddles do not have a wide hitting surface with a well-balanced design. Graphite X has a length of 15 and a half inches, with a grip circumference of 4.15 inches.

Graphite X provides great control and power to their players, helps beginners to be precise while hitting and experienced with more control over the game.

  • Champion Graphite Eclipse

Champion Eclipse is one of the best-selling pickleball paddles from the entire champion graphite series. People love its toughness, its flexibility, and versatility.

Play with the paddle once and you will fall in love with it. Champion Graphite eclipse helps players have a full-on swing. It is heavy compared to its lighter brother, as it weighs about 7.8 to 7.9 ounces.

The best feature of champion graphite eclipse is that it gives off no vibrations after hitting the ball once. It consists of a core that is made of polypropylene honeycomb and an outer cover made of graphite. 

No matter which skill level you are on, you can always rely on graphite eclipse paddle to enjoy a nice game of pickleball. If you are one of those players who are great at defending, a graphite eclipse paddle is perfect for you.

Due to its defense design, it has a great response and manages to block most attacks. The Champion graphite eclipse paddles are available in different sizes. You can customize the grip circumference too.

It has a 5-inch long handle that allows players to serve effectively. It balances both control and power to hit back smoothly and with great precision. The graphite eclipse champion paddle also comes with a paddle cover.

  • Champion Vintage II 

Almost everything about Vintage Champion II is the same as the other champion series paddles with the exception of 3 major differences. Firstly, the outer face of the Vintage II paddle has a thicker material and is coated with heavier paint.

Secondly, the vintage II series maintains its original outer design, the one which was printed during the beginning i.e. a plain background of a single color with a bouncing white pickleball on it.

And lastly, it is available in both large and small grip sizes, whereas the other modern pickleball paddles all have a standard grip size range. If you are looking for a Champion pickleball paddle under a budget, Vintage II is the one for you.

Buying Guide

Market Value of Champion Pickleball Paddles

For some unsolved reasons, people’s admiration, attention, and desire to collect vintage materials are a never-ending passion. Vintage paddles are no exception to that.

A 100-year old pickleball paddle with sinuous design carrying deep traditional and cultural importance in their layouts fascinates non-pickleball players rather than most pickleball players.

Since Champion is one of the oldest pickleball paddles designed and is still being produced, you will find there are 2 forms of Champion pickleball paddles. : The classic champion graphite pickleball paddle and the modern Champion Graphite series. 

The classic vintage champion paddles are high in demand yet still. Their price range starts from $79.99 to $90. You may think a vintage champion pickleball paddle may not be used anymore, but that would be an understatement.

Due to its vintage collection availability on the market, the Champion series is among the top best contenders of the pickleball paddle market. The vintage collection allows players to choose their own grip circumference. 

Players who want a paddle that would be a complementary fit in their hands prefer the champion vintage paddles over the modern champion graphite ones.

However, the modern graphite champion paddle series has a level of its own. Outlook, weight, and pattern are very important for most players.

Due to its modern touch and excellent features the Champion pickleball paddles have a high demand on the pickleball market. Their price range is a bit more than regular pickleball paddles and starts from $80 to $110.

Features to Consider

Considering the material, core components, and surface texture of your paddle are important when we plan on buying one for ourselves. Sometimes we spend so much time checking out the composition and the materials with which pickleball paddles are made, that we fail to consider the most important aspects of pickleball paddles. 

Did you know that a tennis player or a badminton player checks how a racket feels on their hand? They try it out, give it a few swings to determine whether it is compatible. Similarly, while purchasing a pickleball paddle you need to determine 3 important things:

Finding the Right Grip Size

The pickleball paddle should be of the correct size and of the right circumference. Buying a pickleball paddle too big or too small can cause elbow or shoulder misplacements.

While buying paddles, always check out the small-sized ones. See if your wrist is compatible with the handle size and width, and if you can control the paddle and swing it without using extra force.

If you have large hands, try choosing the ones with wide surface area and longer length. Those will provide extra stability and feel good in your hands. If you are still facing problems determining the perfect grip size, you can customize it according to your preferences.

Available Grip Sizes

While choosing a pickleball paddle, you will notice that the pickleball paddles are divided into 8 separate increments. Grip sizes are determined and distinguished by every 1/8 inch. You see the most common grip sizes available on the market are: 4-inch, 4 1/8-inch, 4 ¼-inch, and 4 ½ inches.

If you are someone whose height is under 5 feet 2-inches you should get the 4-inch grip-sized paddles. If your height is above 5-feet and 3-inches you should pick 4 ¼ inch (medium) pickleball paddles. If you are tall and above 5-feet 9-inch grab the 4 ½ inch large pickleball paddles. 

Weight of the Paddle

Weight is another essential factor to keep in mind while choosing a pickleball paddle. A heavy pickleball paddle provides players with a lot of power. But on the contrary, it also lessens the amount of control. Although the playing style also reflects the amount of weight you can bear. However, it is suggested that beginners should avoid picking paddles that are heavy for them. 

Lightweight and medium-weight pickleball paddles help players guide and control the ball easily and allow good hits. Pickleball paddles produced from graphite and combination of many materials (composite-built) are the lightest paddles allowing players to have a good range and control over the game.

However, if you’re a strong person and have wide hands, lightweight pickleball paddles may turn out to be a disadvantage for you. To be on the safe side medium weight paddles the best to pick, if you are sometimes who is new to the game or want paddles for a recreational game.

Noise Levels

It is certainly annoying when your paddle makes a harsh thud sound every time you hit a pickleball. Paddles containing polymer makes the least noise when used to hit the ball back.

Many of the pickleball manufacturing companies have started producing pickleball that contain the ‘Green Zone’ seal. Such paddles are noise-free and have good cushioning. 

Best Champion Pickleball Paddles

If you’re having a tough time deciding which Champion pickleball paddle you should get for yourself or for your children, check out our list and review. We have discussed all the features, advantages and disadvantages of each of the 4 products, so that you can take your time and choose which paddle you want to purchase.


Product Name


Buy Now

How Good Are Champion Pickleball Paddles?

Champion Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Lightweight and has amazing speed

Made of high quality core materials

Great grip

How Good Are Champion Pickleball Paddles?

Champion Eclipse Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

Helps to give a balanced outcome


Has a honeycomb polymer core

Champion Sports Rhino Vapor Pickleball Paddles

Contains a double-plated surface of heavy-duty aluminum

Heavyweight paddle

Gives great power

Champion Sports Rhino Edge Pickleball Paddles

Made up of wood

Available in fiberglass, wood, and aluminum

Gives players a good balance between power and control

1. Champion Graphite Pickleball Paddles

How Good Are Champion Pickleball Paddles?

This is one of the Elite Champion Graphite series paddles. This paddle has a long elongated handle with a teardrop shape. It’s ideal for professional, who have fast reaction times, swift serves, and changes direction spontaneously.


  • It is USAPA approved
  • It enhances the sweet spot and allows spin
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive compare to other pickleball paddled

2. Champion Eclipse Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

How Good Are Champion Pickleball Paddles?

The Eclipse Graphite comes as a set of 2 blue paddles and 2 red paddles, 4 paddle covers of Neoprene, 1 duffle bag, and 4 pickleballs.

These paddles are designed to play in both outdoors and indoors. You will get a warranty card from pickleball Inc. for a year. The core material consists of honeycomb polypropylene that gives it its durability.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Helps to enhance player’s performance
  • Has protective edging


  • Available only in 2 colors

3. Champion Sports Rhino Pickleball Paddles

Champion Rhino is available in 4 different types: Vapor, Rhino, Edge, Apex, and Fuse. People from all age groups and skill levels will find good comfort in them. Champion Rhino is dual plated and has an aluminum surface texture.

It is EVA-padded and allows players to have great grip control. The USAPA has approved this paddle for indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Great for people with larger hands
  • The perfect paddle for tall people


  • Less cushioning

4. Champion Sports Rhino Edge Pickleball Paddles

The Rhino Edge pickleball paddles from Champion Sports have a classic and elegant look. Even though it is a heavyweight paddle, it does not compromise in terms of power and strength.

The handle is EVA-cushioned and quite comfortable. It’s great for hitting ball at both short and long ranges. Its handle is of 5-inches and the paddle is equipped with a durable edge guard. The paddle weighs about 11 – 11.2 ounces.


  • The paddle is produced using premium quality material
  • People from all age groups can play using it
  • The paddle is weather-resistant


  • Not as good as Graphite paddles

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article, you should have a clear idea about Champion Pickleball paddles. They are one of a kind, their designs, pattern, manufacturing process, and the premium quality raw materials with which they are produced is what distinguishes them from all the other paddles available in the market.

Champion Pickleball paddles are the only paddles that still have their vintage classic collection as well as their modern series collection on the most wanted paddle’s list. People have high demands for both types which have uplifted Champion paddles’ position, and thus it has high brand value. Buy a pair of Champion Pickleball paddles for yourself, if you do not try it out personally you will never understand the difference.