How Many Calories Are Burned Playing Pickleball?

We burn calories every day by carrying out simple tasks such as walking. However, more vigorous tasks like playing pickleball increases the number of calories burned. It’s a fun sport for all ages and is an excellent way to exercise, burn calories, and get in shape. So, you might be wondering about the number of calories burned playing pickleball.

How Many Calories Are Burned Playing Pickleball?

Pickleball is a good cardiovascular workout and can burn around 8-11 calories per minute on average. However, the number of calories burned playing pickleball can be more or less, depending on several factors like intensity, duration of the game, competitiveness, and more.

Nature of the Game

The number of calories burned playing pickleball in a friendly match is likely going to be less than the number burned in a competitive match. It is estimated that a friendly match involves 4,000 to 5,000 steps an hour, while 6,000 to 7,000 steps are taken in a competitive match. This explains the significant difference in the amount of energy required in both matches. While playing a casual game with a friend, your heart rate is low and there's minimal intensity. A competitive match, however, gets your blood pumping, increases your heart rate significantly, and helps you burn tons of calories.


Naturally, a competitive match has a greater intensity than a casual game. To get the most of your casual games, it's best to increase your pace and maximize your workout time to increase the number of calories burned.


Calories burned playing pickleball

Source: RichLegg

The USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Association) recommends playing for an average of 50 minutes per match. Playing a full set means playing for as long as an hour. That's an average of 350 - 475 calories burned playing pickleball for 60 minutes. At greater intensity, you can burn up to 600 calories per set. If you play two sets, that's about 1,200 calories burned in two hours of playing a fun game. A more exciting way to work out, isn't it?


A player that plays one set of pickleball three times a week will burn more calories than another player that plays one set once a week. When intensity and frequency are well-combined, there's an increase in the number of calories burned playing pickleball.

Weight and Physical Health

A player in top physical shape will play at an increased pace and intensity and burn more calories. The higher the weight, the greater the number of calories burned playing pickleball. It is estimated that a 150-pound player burns an average of 500 calories in sixty minutes during a casual play. A player weighing 200 pounds burns about 670 calories.

At greater intensity, a 150-pound player burns 720 calories in one hour instead of 500 in a casual game. A 200-pound player burns 950 calories in an hour of more aggressive play.

Type of Game (Singles or Doubles)

A Singles match is believed to be more intense than Doubles, as one player has to do all the work for his or her team. With different serving rules, more energy is expended when playing Singles, and there's more movement for just one player. Hence, you burn more calories when playing Singles than Doubles.

How Many Calories Burned Playing Doubles Pickleball

As stated above, fewer calories are burned while playing Doubles. The dimension of the pickleball court is 20 feet by 44 feet. The size of the court is significant, as it plays a role in determining the pace and intensity of the game.

In Singles, there are only two players, so there's more space for movement. The same court is used for playing Doubles; hence, the players have less room for movement.

Also, in Doubles, a player doesn't have to perform every shot, so there's decreased intensity. Naturally, these two factors will result in fewer calories burned.

Final Thought

Hopefully now that you’ve seen how many calories are burned playing pickleball, you’ll see that it is a great way to exercise. It is advisable to maximize the number of calories burned by increasing intensity, speed, playing Singles and competitive matches, and increasing the number of sets per week. Playing pickleball is a fun way to exercise, so grab one of the best pickleball paddles, an opponent, and start burning those calories!